Steroids 101

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Other Uses

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Other uses in the medical environment for anabolic steroids for sale are Turner's Syndrome, hormone replacement therapy for men with testosterone deficiency, and the induction of puberty in boys with an extreme delay of the onset of puberty.  


There are many more useful applications for health-related problems as well. The term, anabolic is an adjective that means it's characteristics promote creative metabolism - in other words, muscle enhancement.  


To learn about the history of steroids and the development of the many types of steroids, it would be necessary to look far back into the 20th Century. As strange as it may seem, even back into the history records of ancient Greece, you will find mention of steroids.  


But underground research has only continued to improve and refine upon what has already been discovered. It is for this reason that there are now countless types of steroids, each uniquely designed to serve a different purpose. Sometimes, after subjecting a newly developed steroid to clinical tests and even field tests, the hopes of the developers were dashed at the poor results obtained.