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The colorful history of Dianabol

Posted by Jim Johnson on October 3, 2021 at 6:40 PM

Dianabol, the trade name for Methandrostenolone is a synthetic steroid derived from testosterone and is one of the most popular and well-known steroids available on the market today. What makes Dianabol so appealing to athletes is its ability to significantly increase protein synthesis thus leading to an increase in muscle size and strength as well as an increased number of red blood cells resulting in greater endurance. This substance has been around since the early 1960's and was used by Olympic runners as well as power lifters, sprinters and swimmers. When used properly Dianabol can provide all of these benefits without any negative side effects; however, if misused or abused it does carry some very serious risks including: liver damage, severe acne (which can leave horrible scars), heart damage, high blood pressure (which could result in a stroke or even death), mood swings and anger.

All of these side effects are due to the fact that Dianabol is an extremely fast acting steroid that does not allow your body to process it in any way before converting into testosterone thus leaving you with massive amounts of estrogen which in turn leads to all of these negative side effects. As mentioned earlier this steroid was originally used by Olympic runners and power lifters because they did not have to worry about losing their precious testosterone levels when taking it since they were no longer allowed to participate in the Olympics for taking steroids. They also needed something that would help them train harder so they could reach their desired goals without worrying about gaining a lot of body fat or losing their strength. As time went on and the word got out about Dianabol users started noticing these desirable effects so they decided to try it too, often without knowing exactly what they were doing. More often than not the side effects would outweigh any positive benefits so they would stop using it but if done properly Dianabol can provide some great temporary gains for all athletes.

Dianabol is not limited to just athletes either, as time has gone by more and more people have used this steroid because of its effectiveness at increasing muscle growth which is why many people are interested in learning about Dianabol steroids today. Since there are literally dozens of different steroids available on the market today one may wonder how does someone learn about dianabol steroids in the first place?

Well, if you go to any gym across the country or even just head over to your local grocery store and start asking people what is the best steroid for building muscle mass most of them will tell you Dianabol is one of the best. There are many stores that carry books on Dianabol as well as articles and internet sites that talk about it so no matter how hard someone tries they won't forget about this popular steroid anytime soon. However, there is a lot information available on dianabol steroids which makes it difficult for some people to sort through all the garbage and find the correct information thus leading them to believe things such as everyone who uses Dianabol dies young or every woman who takes it will look like a man if she doesn't want to. Neither of those statements is true as there are positive and negative effects associated with taking this steroid, it all depends on how you use it and if you follow the rules set forth by your doctor.

Many people who take Dianabol for extended periods of time often note that their muscles become rounder due to an increase in water retention but only if they have been training hard at the gym for some time. When someone starts taking dianabol steroids they go through what is known as a burst period where massive gains are noticed quickly but this burst period does not last forever so once you reach your desired goal or plateau it will be difficult to maintain unless proper dietary changes made. If done properly Dianabol can be very beneficial for anyone who is looking for a way to boost their muscle mass in a short amount of time but it will never live up to the hype you hear about in movies, books or magazines because these are all steroid myths that have been built up over many years.

Side Effects Of Dianabol

As mentioned earlier this steroid does not allow your body to process it at any point during the actual cycle meaning there are no break periods where estrogen levels are low thus making negative side effects less likely. Because of this fact, potential users need to consider what kind of side effects they might experience when taking this steroid before they decide if it's right for them or not. The key to preventing an outbreak of side effects is simple; if you get the right dosage of Dianabol in your system you will get great results but if you take too much or overdue it then negative side effects can become an issue.

When taking any steroid it is important to remember that every person's body reacts differently so what might not give one person any side effects at all could provide another with quite a few issues. This is why many people decide to take steroids under the guidance of their doctor because they are more than aware of how each individual body works and knows exactly how to prescribe something without causing damage. When someone takes Dianabol for the first time it is often recommended they start off with a low dose to see how well their body responds to it, this also helps them determine what kind of benefits they will get from it and what kind of side effects they should watch out for.

There is also a huge difference between taking Dianabol orally and injecting it into your body; injections are much more potent than anything you can take by mouth but do come with an additional risk that the user must be aware of. For example, when someone injects Dianabol there are certain enzymes in their body that are designed to break down whatever they put into their body which is why steroids taken this way tend to have negative side effects on the kidneys because these enzymes can damage them over time.

On the other hand if someone is only using Dbol orally then they will not have any problems associated with injections because this steroid does not get absorbed very well so no enzymes are present to cause any damage. As mentioned earlier this steroid is very similar in structure to testosterone and for this reason it does aromatize at a much higher rate than other anabolic steroids; if you take too much of Dbol then estrogen levels can become high which causes you to gain excessive amounts of water weight both under your skin and in your muscles.

The final major side effect associated with Dianabol use is the actual suppression of natural testosterone production in your body, if you take too much or overdue it then it will stop producing its own hormones and this could lead to serious problems down the road such as loss of sex drive, lack of energy and stamina.

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