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Anabolic Steroids

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The Sometimes Fatal Aftermath: Steroids 

Heated debates often can be found in editorials and other opinion pieces when the topic of anabolic steroid use is brought up. The variability of side effects is so profound that the discussions center on that, rather than the arguing the presence of side effects. Professional athletes in particular are vulnerable to the more severe side effects due to the high frequency of steroid abuse among them. Secondary medical risk factors can play into how much of an impact steroids have on the body. You are pushing your luck with your heath when you choose to engage in steroid use. Let's take a look at several of the side effects of anabolic steroids

Just like with so many other drugs, the extent of physical damage and associated risks will depend on certain conditions. The evidence that there is a significant risk of liver damage is overwhelming. You may suffer only mild damage to your liver, but cancer and complete liver failure are also possible. Kidney damage, which can be just as serious as liver damage, can also result from steroid use. When you take steroids orally, you increase these risk factors. Receiving the hormone via intramuscular injections does not generally entail the same amount of risk.  Anabolic steroid use most often has the severest effect on the liver. Your risk of damaging your liver is again bigger by taking the oral steroids. To make matters worse, the pursuit of outstanding performance compels people to take dosages at alarmingly high amounts. Abrasions on the liver have been shown to be caused by the steroid nor testosterone. Other types of testosterone like the ones that are chemical esters could also bring about lacerations. 

There is also a variety of other ill effects from the use of steroids that is not as widely known. Fundamentally, psychological addiction comes from within. Due to the predisposition of people with drug addictions; there will be different degrees of physical and psychological reaction. When quitting the use of steroids, it is well known there will be a withdrawal process. This is inherent of the obsession of drugs and the course taken when quitting. Plus the physical effects due to stopping the use of anabolic steroids for sale can be very severe and difficult to cope with.  

It's puzzling to consider the decision to continue using steroids when it's common knowledge that these drugs come with such grave health consequences.There are some precautions that people can take such as injection rather than oral administration. Injecting steroids directly into the blood seems to cut down on the severity of some of these side effects. But you should not take that to mean you can avoid these side effects all together. In what can only be called an exercise of futile stupidity, some professional athletes try to manage these side effects by using different methods of administration.